Hair care

The Secrets To Keep Your Curls For a Longer Time


The only thing that ladies love more than their beautiful, gorgeous and bouncy curls is curled hair that lasts for a really long time. Unfortunately, some of us have hair that is hard to style and therefore maintaining curls that last is very hard. However, there’s no point of losing hope as it’s easy to manage your strands to behave. However, I do warn you that you will have to work hard in order to achieve this feat. The most important thing is to  use the best hair spray for curled hair, this way your curls will shine all day long.

The following are step by step guidelines that will help you to create beautiful curls that are long lasting.

a) Prepare your hair

Don’t get waste your energy on being mad at your hair and let it’s natural feel work for you. It is known that your hair produces natural oils that helps your hair to be easy to manage and as a result, the curls will last longer. In case you have just washed your hair, improve its grip and feel by applying hair spray on it or use dry shampoo. These products will leave your hair having a rough feel that will increase the life of your curls.

b) Work in Sections:

When you have began to curl your hair work piece by piece on your hair in order to reach every part and create a uniform, continuous style. This is achieved by separating hair sections and clipping the part that is not being attended to with an alligator clip. Working in small sections will helping in creating small enough curls which are much easier to last longer than big ones.

c) Know your irons

A curling iron is used to help in curling hair that is quite resistant. A curling iron that has a smaller barrel is the best tool to use for the job. It will help your curls to be resistant and tighter. In case you would like to variety you can opt for curls that aren’t too tight by choosing a curling iron of a different specification, for example, 1.5 inches.

d) Heat responsibly

Ensure that the settings you’ve made for your curling iron are in unison with the required standards. This is in order to get the right curl that does not fall easily

e) Pin in place

After curling, pin your curls into place against your scalp. Use a bobby pin in doing this. This helps the curls to cool without risk of loosening.

f) Keep it tight

Remove the bobby pins once your hair curls have cooled down and shake them. After styling tighten your curls to allow them to fall without losing their shape.

g) Spray and play:

Finally, finish with hair spray


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